799 Breanne Benson

800 Jada Stevens

801 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Jada gained a little weight since we last shot her and it all went to the right places giving her a truly stunning figure with an incredible ass.

Scene 1

Cabana Bum. ITC Favorite 21:03

Jada starts her strip tease with a squirmy little dance under the cabana on a rainy day in the tropics. It's not long before her bikini is off and we are gazing upon one of the best asses in the business. She has some amazing curves and she really knows how to stick her ass out and spread it. She gets onto her hands and knees and shows off one of the most beautiful ass wobbles you will ever see with hefty curves swaying around in the air in virtual slow motion. The remainder of this clip features many very revealing poses lying on her side and front and squatting, all with big ass curves bulging in your face.

Heavin' Stevens. 3:55

Jada uses a powerful vibrator on her pussy while lying on her back at first and then bending over on her knees. There is an orgasm at the end of this which appears to be a real orgasm although it is maybe not so obvious.

Pooling up the Rear. 4:11

Jada gets into the pool and shows of her big juicy rear end with several bend over poses and then lies down on her front making her ass float in the waterline. It is almost all about ass worship with her ass wobbling around and bobbing up and down in the water.

Caught Jada Walking. 6:38

We obviously had to see Jada's awesome figure in motion with her big ass wiggling around as she walks. The location is not quite ideal with a pillar partially blocking a small part of the set though this is the largest runway of dry ground we could find on a rainy day. She starts out wearing her red bikini and then goes naked for the second half. We zoom in on her from a distance as she walks to show off the figure in motion and then we move along with her to show the close up ass in motion views.