798 Lexi Bloom

799 Breanne Benson

800 Jada Stevens

Shoot Location: Malibu, California

Breanne looks ultra glamorous in this video with her elegant black outfit and glamorous make up. Scene two has a more amateur look with more modest surroundings and without the professional make up job.

Scene 1

A Raven Beauty. ITC Favorite 22:01

Breanne's see through lace top is quite a tease with her ample boobs showing right through the fabric. We even take you right inside her top for a sneaky up shirt view with her beautiful boobs dominating the view. There's a brief bit of skirt and panty tease but the main bulk of this clip is about the nude pussy and ass ogling. The first view up her bare bottom when she pulls down her panties is quite stunning and then the bare pussy and ass views just get better. Few girls can look as good as Breanne when lying on her back with her legs up and hugging her knees. The curves around her ass in this position are positively mind blowing. Also included are some bend over, squatting and standing positions. She moves quite slowly giving ample time to soak your brains in her beautiful underside.

Laying Purple Dick in her. 9:52

Breanne uses a quite stylish purple toy in this masturbation scene with some insertion but mostly just with the vibrating tip of the toy on her clitoris. She returns to her excellent legs up position hugging her knees with her super wide ass curves bulging prominently in the foreground and her face in the background. Her orgasm is probably genuine although exactly with any obvious contractions visible. Visually this is quite stunning thanks to her amazing figure and awesome position.

Scene 2

Bedding Benson. 14:13

This bonus scene has a completely different look to the above scenes as it is shot on a different day and in a different location. There's a quick strip tease before she shows off her naked body on the bed and then quickly moves on to use a powerful vibrator. It takes her quite a long time to reach a climax this time around.