072 Layla Rivera

073 Layla Rivera

074 Peaches & Bambi

Shoot Location: Eleuthera, Bahamas

You might say parts of this video caters somewhat to those with special interests. Layla's a bit more open minded than most models so we took advantage of the opportunity to shoot some stuff that's a little outside the box for us. The video quality is perhaps marginally less than usual here. After our pro camera died in the waves of video 072 we were forced to go with our backup camera.

Scene 1

Church-going Gal. 7:32

This is not quite our typical type of video scene. You follow Layla around as she explores an abandoned church ruins. Her tiny skirt is totally insufficient to cover her ass so you spend most of the time just getting a good look at her panties. For a while she stops to wedge her full bottom panties up her ass a little more and bounces her ass in your face. After she strips naked she playfully makes a little prayer motion and crosses herself. We don't recommend watching this if you're religious! You'll enjoy it if you like panties and watching a girl with lots of personality. There's some occasional backlight issues in the video.

Sacrilege. 12:31

Layla gets down and dirty on the alter of the church ruins. She fingers her pussy for a while with her ass in the air and you get a great view of her gorgeous ass hole while she does it. She then plays around with a purple dildo in her pussy pushing it in as deep as she can go and pushing it out with her pussy muscles. The entire dildo virtually disappears up her pussy all the way to the end cap. After this she sticks a lumpy anal bead toy up her ass. It's not so much all out masturbation as just a bunch of fooling around with the toys to show off her pussy and ass. In the middle of all this she does a nice little pussy spread with two hands. Layla is not so perfectly groomed here as she has about 2 days worth of stubble on her pussy.

Scene 2

Exotic Waterfall. 0:46

Layla bends over to pee backwards into the bath tub with her ass in the air. She looks rather exotic like a Hawaiian girl with a flower in her hair. It's a really nice angle as you get to see her pussy and ass and face all in the shot at the same time.

Scene 3

Sleeping Booty. 29:34

This video is very niche specific. Have you ever had a totally hot babe sleeping over at your house and had the urge to sneak in on her and check out her pussy and ass while she sleeps? If this happens to be your fantasy you'll never find a more suitable video than this. After sneaking in on her you very gingerly cop a little feel of her ass through her panties being very careful not to wake her up. Occasionally she twitches and stirs a little and you back off momentarily before becoming a little more brave to sneak a peek inside her panties. Before long you have actually successfully removed her panties and you get to fondling her naked pussy and ass while still being careful to not wake her. After a while you've got to wonder whether she really is awake and is secretly enjoying what you're doing because she does move occasionally, doesn't put up a fuss, and even interrupts you to briefly rub her pussy at one point. Now you get really bold and begin to finger her private parts sticking your fingers right up her pussy and even up her ass. Over time she moves through several positions lying on her front, back, and side, and you get a really good fondle all through her girlie bits in all positions while she continues to sleep, or at least perhaps pretends to sleep. Near the end she even starts to squirm just a little while you finger her pussy with two fingers. The lighting in this video is pretty unique. The room is completely dark and yet you can still see everything clearly thanks to a special lighting technique that we rigged up. What is directly in front of your view up close is well lit and the light fades evenly into complete darkness in the distance. With the evenly spread light this is much better quality lighting than the hot spot of a flash light or the night vision that is common on typical camcorders though a little more grainy than a fully lit set. This download is enormous (almost half a gig for the 640x480) so have some patience and a strong internet connection before downloading it.

Scene 4

Down Stream. 1:34

Layla pees standing directly over the toilet and then pats herself dry with toilet paper. You have the rear view looking directly up her underside from almost right underneath.

Anal Dessert. ITC Favorite 12:43

We do get many requests for video of girls taking a dump and basically it'll probably never happen on inthecrack because we just don't like it. However we might show something that is very suggestive of it. We might find shit extremely distasteful but seeing a girl wipe her ass with toilet paper can be super sexy. So with this in mind Layla repeatedly smears chocolate right on her anus and wipes it off with toilet paper. She also gets playful with it even stuffing some right up her ass as well as licking her fingers in between stuffing them up her ass and scooping chocolate off her anus. This clip is just loaded with spectacular up the ass views right up close from underneath. At times we jam the your face right up her ass so you can inspect every little detail as she wipes her ass hole with the toilet paper. Half of this is shot with Layla standing over the toilet and half of it sitting backwards on the toilet seat. At the end she rinses her ass in the sink and then towels off.

Ass Flicker. ITC Favorite 5:18

This is 100% ass ogling 100% of the time. You gaze up her ass from low down as she continually fondles, jiggles, and spreads her bum cheeks for your viewing pleasure. It helps that Layla has one of the most beautiful asses in the business. Every little crease in her anus and radiating out over her perineum is perfect. There's some fabulous close up views giving your the perspective of being right in her ass crack as she continues to fondle her cheeks.

Get Sucked in. ITC Favorite 7:11

This is an extremely detailed inspection of Layla's most private parts all shot in extreme close up views. She sits backwards on the toilet seat and continually flexes her sphincter muscle in and out and spreads her vagina wide open while you test your eyes focal length for nearsightedness. Her anus literally fills your entire screen and then some. This is awesome stuff if you like inspecting every little crease in a girls anus as it sucks up into her ass and pushes out again. You also get to gaze up her spread vagina as it also flexes in and out. You don't see real deep into her vagina but you do see a lot of fabulous details with lots of moving vaginal folds and a pretty pee hole. This is super explicit stuff for those looking to thoroughly soak their brains in all the most feminine places.

Scene 5

Fountain of Youth. 1:45

Layla lies flat on her back in the bath tub to pee. You get a close up inspection of her open pussy while she pees with some of it hitting you in the face. She's somewhat giggly and playful in this pee scene.