073 Layla Rivera

074 Peaches & Bambi

075 Jennifer

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Rub a Babe. 5:28

At first you see Peaches lying on her front beside the pool wearing nothing but a white towel draped over her ass. Bambi enters the scene and proceeds to give Peaches an oily rub down massaging her back. She then lifts the towel up over Peaches ass revealing perhaps the most gorgeous rear end we've ever filmed. The view of Peaches beautiful bum cheeks is enhanced with Bambi's hands massaging all over her ass and running up and down her bum crack.

Front End Alignment. 9:55

Peaches now lies on her back to get the full front side rub down. Her breasts are oiled up, manipulated, and jiggled around for a while before Bambi focusses her attention on Peaches pussy. Bambi gets all 5 fingers from one hand up her pussy to the last knuckle (almost fisting) and wiggles it around inside her. Even while lying on her back with her legs spread Peaches voluptuous ass cheeks dominate the scene at times. She has quite prominent creases where the thighs meet the bum cheeks that define her beautiful shape throughout her entire underside. Near the end Bambi spreads Peaches pussy open with two fingers.

Rear Smear. ITC Favorite 15:41

Peaches lies on her front again to get her naked ass thoroughly fondled in every way imaginable. This is totally top quality ass in top quality video. With her cheeks completely smeared in oil you gaze up her most beautiful places for 15 minutes straight as she gets her ass spread, fondled, wiggled, and probed. It's a non stop feast of gorgeous undulating curves squirming around in an ever changing bumscape of loveliness. You'll never see a more shapely underside than this (except perhaps in the "Juicy Peaches" clip below). There's also a really nice close up segment right in her crack as Bambi dabbles her finger in Peaches ass hole. If you love watching girls bums in motion we recommend watching the ass jiggling sections in slow motion.

Hungarian Rhapsody. 2:53

The two girls remove each others bikini tops and play with each others breasts rubbing them together and bouncing them around. If you like listening to girls with exotic accents this might really work for you. There's a lot of flirtatious and giggly talking in this clip as the two girls entertain each other talking in Hungarian. We don't have a clue what they were talking about but you can surely use you imagination. Hopefully they weren't talking about us.

Ass Worshippers. 14:10

While standing beside the pool the two girls take turns peeling off their bikinis, playing with each others butts, and wagging their tongues at each others ass holes. There's lots of great worms eye views up beautiful asses and some fabulous close up views as you wedge right up the girls cracks to watch the anus getting a good tongue bath.

Give her a Hand. 9:20

This is virtually identical in content to the "Front End Alignment" clip above except with the two girls in opposite positions. Bambi receives a quick boob massage from Peaches before the focus moves down the the pussy. Peaches gradually works all 5 fingers from one hand all the way up Bambi's pussy to the last knuckle (almost fisting). There's also lot's of 2 finger pussy spreads with the vagina open and the pee hole prominently in view. Towards the end Peaches just has a good dig around in Bambi's pussy with 2 fingers.

Bum Roll Please. ITC Favorite 16:27

If you like the "Rear Smear" clip above you'd better watch this one too because it's very similar but with Bambi on the receiving end of all the non stop ass fondling. Again there is lots of great bum cheek action and some close up anal fingering. In the latter half the mood becomes more playful as Peaches begins to play bongos on Bambi's ass frequently patting and slapping her on the fleshiest parts of her butt with lots of jiggly motion rippling through her cheeks. It's non stop top quality ass entertainment both in action and personality.

Scene 2

Goofy Boobs. 5:20

So this is a little outside the box and not your typical porn movie. The two girls bounce around on a mini trampoline making their boobs bounce and generally being completely goofy and playful. Definitely don't expect anything too erotic. You might like it however if you'd find some more down to earth and genuine silliness a little refreshing. Maybe you wonder what some of these girls can be like if you tell them to drop their canned porn star act and just be themselves. Most of the pro porn stars wouldn't be caught dead acting like this but thankfully Peaches has a little more depth to her personality and that rubs off on Bambi as well.

Scene 3

Cleaning Service. 18:47

Bambi gets a thorough pampering in the bath tub as Peaches gives her a sensual cleaning with soap and water in every nook and cranny. There's an excellent segment with Bambi's ass in the air as liquid soap gets poured down her crack, lathered up and rinsed off. Bambi's anus even gets a little extra cleaning from Peaches tongue. There's a very sensual and soapy front side cleaning and massage with special attention to Bambi's very shapely breasts. Add in a little bit of pussy licking in this as well as Peaches flicks her tongue over Bambi's clit for a short while. There's a nice mix of playfulness and sensual mood throughout this video clip.

Juicy Peaches. ITC Favorite 12:15

The girls now reverse rolls and Peaches poses with her gorgeous ass in the air while Bambi lavishes lots of attention on her ass with lots of soap and water. Do you love gazing up a girl's ass as she bends over simply to admire all the beautiful shapes and lovely curves that pervade throughout her entire pussy and ass area? You'll never find a better video for this than this one. There is no girl that looks better bending over than Peaches. She's blessed with the most insane curves you will ever see looking up any girl's ass. Her three perfect mounds (pussy and bum cheeks) form a lovely bumscape of hills and valleys with steams running through all of her most private places.

Buff You. 1:27

Peaches and Bambi dry each other off with a yellow towel, then share a little kiss and wave good-bye.