071 Mia Stone

072 Layla Rivera

073 Layla Rivera

Shoot Location: Eleuthera, Bahamas

Scene 1

Long and Lean. 9:09

Wearing tiny yellow micro shorts and top Layla shows off her lovely slender form lounging around on the couch and then standing up. Believe it or not this is Layla's typical every day clothing whether at home or in public. Literally everything she owns shows off her legs all the way up to her ass. She just loves looking like a Barbi Doll. You'll notice as soon as she stands up how incredibly long and slim her legs are and that she has a surprisingly shapely ass for such a slim girl. She spends some time jiggling her curvy ass in your face with her little shorts just half covering her ass cheeks. There's a few angles that really show off her bum curves enhanced somewhat by the lens. She then lifts her top up and plays with her tiny titties for a while. Her nipples are like pencil erasers. At the end you get a nice naked bent over view up her privates while she rubs her pussy with one finger partly up her vagina.

Backwards Tumble. 5:04

This clip is almost entirely Layla's ass jiggling and spreading in your face. It doesn't take long to see Layla has one of the most gorgeous undersides we've ever filmed. She's got really beautiful creases in her anus and just the right bounce in her shapely ass cheeks. There's some great ass spreads with her anus spreading out over a large area (not gaping) followed by a really beautiful bounce each time. Towards the end Layla gets her hands wrapped right around under her ass to spread her vagina. Her hands block the view much of the time but you still get some pretty nice open vagina views.

Squish You Were Here. ITC Favorite 17:49

Layla spends lots of time just playing with her pussy and all out masturbating with her fingers all buried completely up her soaking wet pussy. She has a valiant effort to get her entire hand up her pussy but it doesn't go. She settles for four fingers up her pussy and it couldn't be better. There's moments where her four fingers slapping in and out of her pussy make lots of loud squishy noises as her girlie goo all gathers around her vaginal opening and smothers her fingers. In the middle of this clip she spends some time lying on her front and you get a spectacular close up view up her crack while she continues to masturbate. You'll have a hard time tearing your eyes away from her gorgeous anus even though she's still rubbing her pussy. The subtle motion in her ass hole as she squirms her ass will steal your attention away for a while. Now back to lying on her back Layla jacks her ass up off the couch giving you one of the most amazing views up her entire undercarriage as she continues to masturbate. She gets really animated near the end as she brings herself to a great squishy gooey orgasm with four cum soaked fingers jamming deep up her pussy. Finally she scoops her cum off her pussy with her fingers and and licks them several times over.

Kiss my Lips. 3:15

We walk in on Layla lying naked on the couch as she applies her lip stick. In a playful mood she also applies the lip stick to her pussy lips and then sticks the applicator up her ass. She teasingly makes pouty kissy lips with both sets of lips at the same time. Layla's a real sweetie with great personality and it shows here perhaps more-so than anywhere else in the video. She also talks to you through much of this clip.

Scene 2

Wide Open Leak. 1:06

Layla takes a pee lying flat on her back on the tile floor. She has her two hands wrapped around under her ass to spread her pussy wide open while she pees. Her thick full stream whizzes past your left ear almost hitting you in the face. After she slows down we move in super close so you can see all the details as she forces out a few more little streams of pee.

Scene 3

Beach Bum. ITC Favorite 24:26

There's extensive footage here of Layla frolicking in the waves of one of the most beautiful tropical beaches you've ever seen. Ok, so you've seen lots of girl-on-the-beach type videos before and they're all the same. This is quite different. We did our best to maintain the inthecrack style with lots of up the ass views in spite of the waves crashing all around the camera. Yes we literally sacrificed the camera to bring you this footage as it actually died in the waves by the time we were done. Layla starts out wearing a bright pink string bikini as she walks up and down the beach with you following close behind. After the first few minutes in her bikini she's completely naked for the rest of the video. There's some great crawling around in the edge of the waves with her ass rolling in the air. For the majority of the video Layla rolls around naked in the waves, mostly lying on her front while we watch the waves crashing up between her legs and right up her crack. At times you can even see sand deposits caught right in the indent of her anus. There are water drops on the camera lens at times although it only adds to the effect. Several times Layla comes out of the water onto the beach to show off her wet ass in motion. She sits down briefly to get a patch of sand on her ass and then walks up and down the beach while we follow close behind for one of the most amazing shots you've ever seen. She does a fantastic little sandy ass wiggle down the beach with her arms swinging in super girlie style and brilliant blue sky in the background. Mixed into all of this she also does a little pee sitting on the beach with sand all over her ass and thighs. It's not exactly a hard core video and it's a huge download but it's one of our best ever. The beach is gorgeous, the colors are amazing, and the girl is fantastic.

Scene 4

Girlie Colors. 10:29

Layla really works her Barbi Doll girlie look here with lots of bright girl colors in her make up, panties, hair accessories, and even her fancy glass dildo. Her hot pink panties have an elastic strip down the center of the ass which is really nice because it naturally wedges up into her ass outlining her beautiful curves all the way up into her bum crack. She might have actually found the hard glass dildo a little difficult since she just dabbles if fairly shallow in her pussy but really it's all just very pretty.

Pull-string Doll. 5:08

Lying on her side to show off her ass Layla fingers her ass hole for a bit before stuffing a whole string of anal beads up her ass and pulling them out several times. It's a great pose for showing off all of her beautiful underside while the beads pop out of her anus. You get to see several beads pop out of her ass hole right up close.

Slow Poke. 7:40

Layla uses a skinny little dildo to poke her ass with over and over. In the interests of showing off her anus more-so than the penetration she only dabbles it in fairly shallow bringing it right out of her ass between strokes so you can examine her anus in detail. She goes fast at first but then slows it right down so we can get right up her ass crack and enjoy a very intimate view of every crease and detail in her anus when the dildo comes out of her ass.

Pussy Cocktail. 2:56

This was Layla's idea. She stuck a speculum up her pussy, cranked it open, pours her favorite drink into her spread pussy, and then drinks it out using a long tube. A word of warning: There's lots of clumsiness and fumbling around trying to get this to work. There's an occasional grimace mixed in between lots of laughs and giggles. It's not so smooth but all in fun.