787 Mischa Brooks

788 Dillion Harper

789 Anikka Albrite

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Uniboober. 8:42

This strip tease video focuses quite heavily on Dillion's impressive boobs. She has a pretty unique feature with her boobs being slightly joined in the middle. She does some excellent boob wobbling while bending forward and shaking her shoulders from side to side. You also see this action from underneath as she bends over top of you. Her boobs are a pretty decent size with the awesome movement of firm yet natural boobs.

Tanline Tease. 11:41

Our attention moves downwards now with Dillion posing in just her panties for a short while and then fully nude. There's a pretty decent pussy show with Dillion leaning back on the chair with her legs up in the air. She then bends over on her knees and spreads her pussy and ass in your face. Then standing up she does another nice boob wobbling segment while bending over top of you. We spend a good amount of time just gazing up her underside while stands with her pussy and ass hovering over top of you.

The Gushin's are Cumming. 9:39

Dillion masturbates with a powerful vibrator producing multiple squirting orgasms. Her position lying with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair gives a great view of her ass with her vagina often gaping open and streams of squirt flowing down her ass. She also squirts once while on her knees bending over. She ends up lying on the floor and squirting a few more times. You can easily see her vagina pushing itself almost inside out as she pushes hard for each squirt. She doesn't always squirt but the open pussy action is quite interesting. After she is done with the toy she keeps on rubbing her pussy quite vigorously using just her fingers.

Map of the Sitty Center. 8:04

We get a very interesting underside view with Dillion sitting on a clear acrylic chair. She squirms around a lot mashing her pussy and ass against the surface and giving some nice perspectives. You see her sitting both forwards and backwards in the chair. At the end she presses her boobs against the back of the chair and drags them across the surface with some interesting results.