788 Dillion Harper

789 Anikka Albrite

790 Niki Lee Young

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Hills Angel. ITC Favorite 25:28

This video starts out with a bit of a leg tease with Anikka looking quite sophisticated in her short bright red dress and matching shoes. Then with her dress pulled up she spends quite a bit of time just showing off her silky black panties in both standing and bend over positions. There's a great panty and ass tease with Anikka lying on her front on the table. She slowly pulls down her panties to just under her ass and gives some amazing ass crack views with her butt slowly squirming around. She has one of the best ogle worthy asses with very voluptuous ass cheeks and a deep shapely ass crack. After she gets her panties off she has a good sniff of her panty crotch and then spends the rest of the video showing off her bare pussy and ass with some excellent revealing posing. Her poses lying on her side are extremely graphic and and awesome with nothing left to the imagination. The final pose lying on her front with her legs wide open give as great up the ass view and she even sticks a finger up her ass for a short while.

A Slap Stick Tail. ITC Favorite 11:36

Anikka takes off her pearl necklace and she uses it as her anal toy. She spends some time bending over and wagging her ass around in the air with the pearls hanging out of her ass. She then stuff the pearls farther up her ass so there's only a few sticking out of her ass. She does some awesome butt slapping and jiggling with the pearls bouncing around like a little tail. We get a quite close and detailed ass crack view as she pulls the pearls out of her ass. She repeats the whole process one more time stuffing the pearls up her ass and pulling them out and then she licks the pearls fresh out of her ass. There's a lot of top quality ass entertainment in this clip with one of the best asses on the site.

On a Power Trip. ITC Favorite 16:14

Anikka uses a high powered plug in vibrator on her big thick pussy lips and she achieves some awesome results with several great orgasms. It takes her a while to work up to it and a little change of position but the orgasms finally come with uncontrolled passion and are obviously genuine. Her second position with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch gives a great view of her ass with visible contractions in her anus as she cums. There's a very nice spread pussy close up at the end of this with Anikka's fingers dabbling around the edges of her vagina and holding everything wide open.