786 Bailey Ryder

787 Mischa Brooks

788 Dillion Harper

Shoot Location: Lake Tarawera, New Zealand

Scene 1

If Brooks could Kill. 8:50

There's a little bit of posing outside on the balcony before Mischa moves into the bedroom to start stripping her clothes off. Her crisp white shorts are quite classy fitting snugly around her ample rear and showing off her curves. You can see the outline of her panties showing right through the shorts material for a little bit of added tease. She does quite a hefty booty wobble while bending over wearing only her panties. Her panties stay on through the whole clip as she does some very nice teasing and booty shaking in them.

A Pretty Thick Video. 7:54

Mischa is fully naked through all of this clip and she just shows off her bare assets in several positions. Mischa is definitely your girl if you like thick full figured curves with plenty of healthy meat on the bones. She gets her big juicy ass meat moving beautifully with a great bend over ass wobble. Later she turns onto her back and just spreads her pussy open. She has a somewhat different method of spreading her lips pulling them out and away leaving a pretty nice unimpeded view of her vagina. After posing on her side for a short while she returns to the bend over pose and does another awesome ass wobble with hefty curves flapping in somewhat slow motion in the air.

Egg's been a Dick. 11:05

Mischa's vibrating dildo has an egg shaped bulb on the end of it and she uses it sometimes inserted into her pussy and sometimes on her clitoris. At first she remains lying on her back but then she turns onto her front and gets her big ass curves wobbling up and down while she humps her clitoris against the vibrator. She brings the action to a climax while lying on her side with one leg forward.

Brook Back Mounting. 4:44

Mischa uses the same toy now for some anal action. It is not so much masturbation but just dabbling and showing off the assets. She buries the egg portion of the toy up her ass and then goes hands free to wobble her ass in the air with the toy sticking out of her butt. There's a gooey gob of ass lubrication that seeps out of her ass on a couple of occasions when she takes the toy out of her ass. Then lying on her side with her ass sticking out she just plops the bulbous end of the toy in and out of her anus several times which could be of interest to those fascinated with objects entering and exiting an anus.