001 Kerri Ann

003 Traci

004 Tara

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Hot Pink. 12:34

You see Traci posing front and rear view and standing over your face wearing a hot pink string dress and matching thong. Then she gets on all fours on the couch and lifts her dress, lowers her thong, and starts playing with herself. We take your face up her ass for great views of her peach fuzz butt crack and moist pussy while she masturbates with 2 fingers up her cunt. She ends this scene by giving you about 3 minutes of incredible wide-open pussy spreads. Using 2 fingers from each hand she pries her vagina open 2 inches wide right in your face. With nothing but vagina filling your TV screen you see her pee hole and every ripple in her vagina walls right to the bottom of her moist vagina in crystal clear detail!

Scene 2

90 mph. 4:03

Totally naked for this scene, Traci uses a lumpy blue vibrator sitting on the dresser. You get fast and furious action here as she enthusiastically rams it in and out of her pussy until she cums.

Scene 3

Giant Cucumber. 8:24

Next it's time for some fun with some cream, fruit, and vegetables. First she smears whipped cream all over herself. Then she stuffs a few grapes inside her pussy before eating them. She also uses carrots and slices of cantaloupe for sex toys. Then she gets busy with a massive cucumber stuffing it deep inside her pussy. She even uses two carrots in her pussy at the same time spreading them apart to give you a decent view of her pee hole area. You will notice that her vagina just naturally gapes open much of the time. We end this scene gazing up her shapely pussy and ass as she squirms her ass around all over the slippery table.

Scene 4

Wet Spreads. 12:38

After getting so messy it's time to take a shower and clean up her pussy and ass. She makes a point of soaping up her ass standing right over your face. There are tons of spectacular pussy and ass spreads standing over your face in this scene. This girl has quite a talent for being able to open up her vagina nice and wide! After drying off she gets up on the counter with her ass over the sink and douches her pussy twice.

Scene 5

Playing in Bed. 14:30

We catch Traci asleep in bed, but there's clearly something on her mind as her ass squirms around under the sheets. We sneak up under the sheets right up between her legs to check out the action as she starts to play with herself. In need of more she throws off the sheets and grabs a bunch of toys. First you get great close up views up her butt crack as she tickles her anus with a feather. Then she uses a long string of pearls and then a big baton type dildo. You get great open pussy views as the dildo comes out between strokes.

Squirting Orgasm. 10:52

Next she jams a vibrator against her clit and has a real squirting orgasm right in front of your face. Now she opens up a speculum inside her pussy for the ultimate in vagina views. On top of that she has another squirting orgasm peeing out through the speculum as she cums! You see every detail inside her vagina and you even see her pee hole when she squirts! We tacked on a few slow motion replays of the squirting shots at the end of the video for those perverts who want to study things in a little more detail.