774 Cindy Starfall

775 Kari

776 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Though Kari is not the greatest of performers it is hard to argue with the stunning beauty and perfection of form and flawlessness that she possesses.

Scene 1

A Hot Kari Dish. 6:52

The immaculate beauty of this smouldering babe is gradually revealed as she strips out of her hot pink dress and pink panties. The first glimpse of her meaty ass cheeks in her pink lacy panties suggests of the great things to come. Though there is only a brief bit of full nudity at the end there is a really good introduction to her bare pussy and ass as she pulls her panties aside to reveal everything.

Venture into Flawless Territory. 11:43

We spend a good long time just admiring the stunning beauty of Kari's bare pussy and ass with lots of ass spreading and close up views. She is most definitely in our top ten for most flawless skin, not to mention a great well toned voluptuous ass and a gorgeous anus.

Here you Goo. 12:37

Kari may appear to be just going through the motions at times though this is offset with some fantastic pussy and ass views as she fucks her pussy with a large pink toy. There's some nice little dribbles of creamy juice seeping out of her vagina as she lies back on the table penetrating her pussy with the toy. She later assumes a more upright position with her feet on the chairs and her ass hanging in mid air off the edge of the table. The positions gives a great view of her underside with more pussy juice flowing out of her vagina and dripping off her ass cheeks.

You Want Pries with That? 2:56

Kari does a little bit of vagina spreading while lying back on the table. It's maybe not the best of spreads as her fingers are still partially inside her pussy which impedes the view slightly.

Peep Hole Providing Cervix. 5:02

Kari's speculum scene leaves nothing to the imagination as we get a really good look up her vagina with good lighting and her cervix clearly in view. After she pulls it out we get another view with the speculum in sideways this time baring the upper and lower vagina walls.