775 Kari

776 Tracy Delicious

777 Lola Foxx

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Knight of the Square Table. ITC Favorite 30:35

This video might actually be about the location and set design more than the girl, at least for the first few minutes. The room is in an authentic 13th century Italian castle. Unfortunately the costume is nowhere near as authentic but it fits the theme well. Tracy's long dress hides quite a lot although we go right inside her dress looking up at her panties for a naughty view. When she lifts her dress right up over her ass we spend a good amount of time just admiring one of the most beautiful butts you could wish to see. Even though she doesn't take off the dress until the end there is still tons of excellent naked pussy and ass ogling in this clip as she gets her panties off early on and her dress remains pulled right up over her ass through the great majority of it. She gets right up on the table showing off her spectacular pussy and ass through the entire second half of this clip with several excellent poses. Her skin is like porcelain with hardly a blemish in sight and amazingly beautiful voluptuous curves pervading throughout her gorgeous undercarriage.

Cum-a-lot's Castle. 12:45

Now with Tracy completely naked she uses a pewter sex toy while lying on top of the table. Though there is no obvious orgasm in this she does have a lot of creamy girl cum which clearly seen caked all over the toy. There's a few different positions but the best and largest portion has her lying on her back with her knees up and back giving excellent exposure to the thick and healthy curves around her pussy and ass area.

Roamin' Courtyard. 4:28

Now outdoors Tracy just wanders around in the courtyard showing off her curves in motion. Her high heel shoes and the cobblestone surface were perhaps not the best combination resulting in a bit of an unnatural walk at times. There is still plenty to like here though including some very nice close up ass views.