773 Iwia

774 Cindy Starfall

775 Kari

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

The Beiges are Loaded. 11:44

This set has a decidedly sophisticated flavour to it with Cindy wearing her elegant beige dress in the grand entranceway to a tropical villa. The loose hanging upper part of her dress gives an enticing hint of her tits as you see their outline showing through from underneath the fabric. After the dress comes off she spends quite a bit of time teasing with her thong panties which practically bare her entire ass except for her anus. As soon as her panties start coming down you will be amazed at how flawless and stunningly beautiful her ass is. There's about a minute of bare ass views at the end of this clip.

A Reary Nice Girl. ITC Favorite 19:38

With Cindy now completely naked we just soak in her stunningly gorgeous pussy and ass for a good long time. Her ass spreading and bend over posing are really fantastic. Aside from a few bug bites on her legs she is completely flawless with an immaculate undercarriage and not a single hair in sight. She moves around a fair amount sometimes posing on the stairs and sometimes crawling to the door and back and frequently changing her poses and squirming around in the most alluring manner. She does an awesome splits pose while lying on her front with her legs really wide apart giving an excellent view up her ass. We move right up her ass crack for a close up inspection of her stunningly gorgeous anus.

Good Moaning Vietnam. 8:27

Cindy uses a quite large rubber dildo in this masturbation scene while lying on the tile floor. She manages the full size of the toy with impressive ease and with some excellent poses getting her pussy and ass out in the open. Her lubrication and pussy juice comes out slightly pink due to the tail end of her period. There's a bit of a storm that brews up in the middle of this clip but she keeps going while getting partially rained on. You probably wont be sold on any real orgasms but the main points of interest are the excellent penetration and revealing position with her legs raised well back giving excellent exposure to her pussy and ass. She does a little bit of pussy spreading at the end after she is done with the toy.