772 Vicki Chase

773 Iwia

774 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Iwia of Interest. 17:10

The first half of this clip is a slow strip tease followed by all nude posing for the remainder of the clip. Virtually every move she makes is in slow motion, which could be a good thing if you like to focus on the beautiful assets on display. Her initial posing is all very elegant with a classy red bra and panty set completing the scene. Things become quite a bit more graphic later on as she parks her bare pussy and ass on top of your face and spreads herself open.

New Clear Weapon. ITC Favorite 13:31

Iwia uses a clear rubber dildo in the masturbation scene. After the conventional poses lying on her back, bending over and lying on her side she then goes back onto her back but with her ass hanging right off the edge of the bed giving an excellent view of her entire underside while she fucks herself. The scene is plenty wet with beautiful streams of juice and lube running down her over ass cheeks. There's probably no real orgasm in this but it's a really beautiful sight with her dripping wet ass cheeks hanging prominently in your view and everything well displayed in the most revealing of positions. There's a little bit of pussy spreading at the end of the clip.

Cunt Holed Environment. 6:36

Iwia's smile is quite striking as she lies back with a speculum holding her pussy wide open. The inside views are very nicely lit showing every explicit detail with crystal clarity. In the latter half she poses bending over and though the full body view doesn't have the best light the close up inside view is really excellent with some quite obvious muscle twitching around her cervix.