771 Denisa Heaven

772 Vicki Chase

773 Iwia

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Salmon Lusty. 11:33

Vicki's form fitting salmon colored dress is quite teasing showing her beautiful figure and affording a few nice up skirt glimpses before she takes it off. She spends quite a bit of time posing in just her panties giving some beautiful butt views with a little bit of butt wobbling, ass spreading and squirming around. She spends much of the time standing right up on the hand railing giving you some great low angle perspectives. Near the end she lies back on the chair with her legs in the air and pulls her panties half way up her thighs giving a fantastic introduction to her bare pussy and ass.

A Winkin' Navigator. 9:52

With Vicki now naked we just soak in her bare pussy and ass in several poses for the duration of this clip. There's lot of very explicit posing and spreading throughout and her gorgeous anus gets a lot of the attention as she frequently flexes it in and out. She spends a lot of time squatting backwards on the chair with her ass going up and down repeatedly sitting almost on your face. Near the end she poses lying on her side showing some really spectacular curves around her ass with her butt crack spread open and her beautiful anus winking in and out.

Gummy Worm. 2:22

Vicki briefly uses a very unusual looking toy that can only be described as looking like a gummy worm. This is more just for curiosity than actual arousal and results.

Here cums Big Buzzer. 9:39

Vicki now uses the big grand daddy of sex toys for a real powerful buzz to bring on several orgasms. There's really no doubt of the authenticity of these orgasms as she screams and has quite obvious contractions. Her first orgasm comes while hanging her ass off the edge of the chair and the second is while bending over with her ass high in the air. Finally she returns to the first position for perhaps the best view of all with lots of quivering and visible wetness developing in her vaginal opening. After she is done with the toy she slowly dabbles a finger in her pussy showing some beautiful wetness as she pulls her finger out.

Vicki Chase's Icky Places. ITC Favorite 11:30

Now with night falling Vicki puts on a great anal performance with a great audio background of frogs and tropical critters chirping through it all. Several times she stuffs a big anal plug up her ass and pushes it out using just her anal muscles. Her positions lying on her side and bending over give some fantastic views up her gorgeous ass crack. After she is done with the toy she dabbles her fingers in her ass hole and does a wonderful little ass wobble with her cheeks flapping in the air. This is all top quality ass entertainment with awesome revealing posing featuring one of the most beautiful asses on the site.