770 Lexi Bloom

771 Denisa Heaven

772 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Serious about High Jean. 11:38

Though Denisa's jeans shorts are not so short that they spill much of her ass cheeks they do show off her form very nicely. We take plenty of time to examine her rear end curves before she takes off the shorts revealing her mauve lace panties. Then she shows off her impressive booty curves wagging her ass in front of your face while wearing just the panties. This clip is mostly all tease with the panties coming off only in the last seconds.

The Heavens Parted. 3:37

With Denisa now completely naked she parks her ass on top of your face and spreads her cheeks wide open giving a quite revealing introduction to her beautiful underside. When she is not spreading her pussy and ass she is just slowly squirming her ass around in a kind of sexy dance with beautiful curves undulating enticingly.

Are you Sill Open? ITC Favorite 7:26

Denisa gets up on the window sill lying back with her legs in the air to give a beautiful spread pussy display. For the most part she keeps her hands well out of the way giving a very unobstructed view of her very well exposed undercarriage complete with gaping vagina. She also poses lying on her side and bending over for some different perspectives on her pussy and ass.

The Pearly Grapes of Heaven. 12:22

This clip starts with another brief but fantastic pussy spread while lying on her back with her legs up. She then starts playing with her purple bead necklace stuffing it all up her pussy until it disappears and slowly pulling it out. She repeats the bead stuffing a second time taking plenty of time to spread her pussy and ass and show off her underside. Later she stands up and flosses her pussy and ass crack with the necklace while standing right over your face. She gets a little excited with the flossing action and squirms her ass around quite nicely.

A Tube Sight. 5:46

Denisa uses a clear plastic tube for a toy giving some very interesting inside views. In the close up inside views you get the penis eye view with the vagina walls suctioning around the tube as it goes in and out. It shows a very interesting perspective on the inner workings of a girl's vagina during penetration. The video ends with one more excellent pussy and ass spread while lying on her back with her legs in the air.