769 Breanne Benson

770 Lexi Bloom

771 Denisa Heaven

Shoot Location: Tulum, Mexico

Scene 1

Nice Deck Whore. 13:44

It does not take long for Lexi to get her dress pulled up over her ass showing off her pink panties. She is slightly fidgety in the first part of this strip tease but settles down and gives some great spread pussy views later on. She is fully nude for the second half of this clip leaving plenty of time to examine her naked girly bits. The best part of this is undoubtedly her fantastic pussy spreading with her hands well enough out of the way for a great view.

Rev it up. 6:27

Lexi shows some pretty genuine passion in this masturbation scene using a very powerful vibrating toy. She continually increases the power on the toy making her twitch and squirm uncontrollably. There's at least two orgasms in this clip with the first one coming pretty quickly and the second one taking a while to build up. You can see her pussy pushing out as she nears her second orgasm.

A Bloomin' Flower. 2:38

Lexi shows off some more of her fantastic pussy spreading to finish the video. She manages to get a decent grip on her lips opening it up nicely without getting her fingers in the way of the view.