755 Cassie Laine

756 Cindy Starfall & Vicki Chase

757 Victoria Rose

Shoot Location: St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Tropical Slobber. 9:54

Cindy and Vicki take their time stripping each other out of their bikinis while standing ass deep in beautiful blue waters of the tropics. They spend lots of time kissing, sucking boobs and slobbering on each other with lots of saliva. Then in a little shallower water they peel their bikini bottoms off giving some excellent first views of their naked ass cracks along with more slobbering and brief licking of ass cracks. The final view with both girls crawling out of the water is really exotic.

Having a Swell Time. 3:36

Now with both girls fully naked they just fool around in the small waves right at the waters edge. There's some quite entertaining ass wobbling with two ass in the air. For a short while they engage in a little bit of mutual masturbation with each girl rubbing the other's pussy. Most of the time however they are preoccupied with kissing while on their knees bending over while we just gaze up their amazing asses with beautiful wet skin glistening in the sun.

Lez go to the Beach. 18:32

This clip represents the main course of lesbian action in this video with virtually none stop pussy and ass licking throughout. There's no shortage of enthusiastic ass eating with dribbling saliva running down ass cracks and adventurous tongues digging right up inside anuses. Half way through Cindy does a fantastic splits position with her ass wobbling in the air. Vicki targets her ass hole with a bottle of water running the stream down her ass crack before burying her face up her crack to eat her out. Then Vicki gets the ass rinse treatment with her ass wobbling high in the air and Cindy pouring the bottle of water all over her ass. Cindy has an enthusiast tongue dig up her ass and then they finish up in a 69 position eating each others pussies. The last couple of minutes has the girls back in the water just showing off their asses with lots of ass up butt wobbling.

Wave to the G'oils. ITC Favorite 7:06

Once again in the edge of the waves the girls now oil each other up with massage oil. What starts out as a massage scene end up being mostly just a beautiful display of shiny greased up skin with excellent ass up posing. It is an ass lover's delight with gorgeous asses enhanced by the sun glistening off wet oily skin. You'll love how the water drops bead up on their well oiled skin. There's a great little exercise-like routine with both girls jacking their asses up and down in unison.

We Whiz Here. 0:49

The girls both pose on their knees bending over to pee in unison. Vicki's pee last quite a bit longer so Cindy ends up just spreading Vicki's ass while she pees.