756 Cindy Starfall & Vicki Chase

757 Victoria Rose

758 Rosemary Radeva

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Sheer Delight. 8:21

It is most definitely the panties that steal the show in this strip tease video. They are completely sheer and see through including in the crotch area with no crotch lining. You can very clearly see the outline of her enormous pussy lips showing through the fabric as she teasingly tugs the panties tight around her lips. The ass view is equally fantastic with gorgeous ass curves squirming around inside the panties and her anus visible through the fabric when she spreads her ass.

Flap Happy. 14:28

Now completely naked except for her boots Victoria spends this entire clip just flaunting her very shapely ass and huge pussy lips with lots of excellent close up views. There's an extensive segment where she stands directly over you with lots of pussy and ass spreading. Also included are poses lying on the table on her front, side, back, doggy style and crab walk positions. It's hard to avoid her thick pussy meat and huge flaps that look like they could flap in the wind. It is a paradise for those who love ogling big meaty pussy lips. Her bend over pussy and ass spreading is also quite exceptional.

Puss 'n Boots. ITC Favorite 10:44

Victoria's dildo masturbation scene is really exceptional with the big rubber toy easily penetrating deep between her huge pussy lips. She moves through several positions but she finally settles on one excellent pose in the latter half of this clip and stays with it through some amazing dildo action. While squatting in a crab walk position with her pussy and ass hovering in mid air she has lots of creamy juice that gathers all around her pussy making for a beautifully gooey thick pussy lip ogling extravaganza.

Hole Milf. 2:53

Now lying back with her legs up she just fiddles with her lips and pries her pussy open. Though she doesn't fully gape open you do easily see all the features in her vaginal opening and she has an incredible bulge of the pussy lips as she squeezes and spreads them with her fingers.