754 Tracy Delicious

755 Cassie Laine

756 Cindy Starfall & Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Bikini Bounce. 7:23

Cassie's strip tease has a few playful moments in it as she bounces around on the furniture and wiggles her butt in the air. He bikini top comes off part way through but the bottoms stay on for now. There's lots of very nice bend over posing with her bikini clad ass wobbling around in the air. The audio has a few of the less fortunate sounds of the city but the video is quite fantastic with brilliant colours and blue skies.

Go Sun where Special. 7:20

Cassie quickly takes off her bikini bottom and gives you a fantastic display of bare pussy and ass with sunshine filling every crevasse of her private bits. She gets some really good pussy spreads while lying on her front with her legs wide open and two hands wrapped around behind her ass to gape her vagina open.

I Cunt Fuck n' Cum. 9:42

There's a short bit of finger masturbation at the beginning of this clip followed by some extensive vibrator play. The insertion action is quite minimal as she spends most of the time with the vibrator pressed firmly against her clitoris trying for a genuine orgasm. It takes her quite a long time to get it bit she does eventually come to a real orgasm with some visible muscle clenching. Once again the colours and image quality are outstanding.

Read my Dips. 6:52

Cassie takes a quick dip in the pool to cool off. She doesn't particularly do much other than pose though there is some very nice angles and bend over poses with her skin all glistening wet in the sun. There's a brief bit of pussy fiddling as she sits on the edge of the pool with her legs open.

A Pretty Laine Pee. 0:45

Cassie tries to pee while on her knees bending over. She does manage a quick pee but it is very brief.