753 Breanne Benson

754 Tracy Delicious

755 Cassie Laine

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Butt Den Again. 9:05

Tracy's elegant black dress has a long zipper all the way down the back and shows her form very nicely. There's a gorgeous voluptuous ass to be discovered underneath with an equally nice pair of black silky panties. The panties do not come off at this point but there is a very enticing panty tease with lots of attention to her big curvy ass cheeks.

A Severe Case of Curvy. 13:45

The panties come off right away now and we spend almost the whole duration admiring Tracy's beautiful naked body with lots of attention to the pussy and ass. Many of the poses really accentuate and show off her fantastic curves while other poses are simply all about close up pussy and ass ogling. You cannot help but notice her beautifully smooth skin and voluptuous ass curves throughout. Her ass curves are especially wide as she poses lying on her side with her spread ass bulging in your face. Towards the end she lies on her back with her knees up and open giving a great view of her entire pussy and ass area with everything exposed.

She's a Buzz Clit Case. ITC Favorite 15:25

Tracy's masturbation session lasts quite a long time and includes two very real orgasms. She remains lying on her back with her knees up and legs open through pretty much the entire scene giving an awesome view of her feminine bits in action. There's a little bit of insertion but mostly just clit stimulation with the vibrator pressed hard against her clitoris until she cums. After calming down from her first orgasm she just keeps the vibrator on her clit and gradually works up to another even better orgasm. After she's done with the toy there's about a minute of excellent bend over ass up posing at the end of this clip. This video showcases one of the prettiest undersides on the site with gorgeous skin, fantastic curves and compelling action.