732 Cindy Starfall

733 Iwia

734 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Babe Stroller. 9:10

Iwia does the long fashion model walk in a long skinny penthouse living room while wearing a very elegant and curve hugging dress. After several lengths of the room she then repeats it wearing only her elegant brown lace panties and then again fully naked. While her slender form does not have a lot of wiggle she does have a very tidy and beautiful figure and a classy presence about her.

Iwia there yet? 16:48

This video starts from the beginning again with Iwia fully dressed in her elegant dress for a more typical strip tease show. Nothing happens quickly here as virtually everything she does is in slow motion. The close up panty views are really nice as the cut and fit flow beautifully with the curves of her ass. The last third of this clip is all nude posing with various positions lying on top of the table.

Laid Purple Dickular. 13:07

Iwia's dildo masturbation scene is pretty slow developing but she does eventually get going with some enthusiasm in the later portions. The initial slow motion insertion action is really quite sexy with her pussy and ass well exposed and showing detailed views of the penetration. After starting leaning back in the chair with her knees up she then moves to a bend over pose with one knees up on the table offering a great view of her underside. Finally she gets right up on the table top and the momentum picks up a bit as she fucks herself while lying on her back.

Spreader Late than Never. 3:59

Iwia remains lying on her back as she uses her fingers to spread her pussy open. She has a pretty nice gape of her pussy while managing to keep her fingers from blocking the view most of the time.