731 Aaliyah Love

732 Cindy Starfall

733 Iwia

Shoot Location: St John, US Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Play a Love Thong. 15:36

Cindy's strip tease has quite a lot of boob teasing at the beginning. It's immediately obvious that she is not wearing a bra as the outline of her pencil eraser nipples show clearly right through the silky fabric of her dress and she deliberately lets them spill almost right out of the dress before she finally reveals them. Then the dress rides right up over her ass revealing a tiny thong string snug in the crack of her ass. There's plenty of bend over teasing with the thong string getting buried up her pussy slit and leaving nothing to the imagination. Then lying on her back she plays with her thong pulling the string tights across her pussy. The thong hides so little that she might as well be naked as her pussy and ass are essentially right out in the open for inspection.

The Cindy Slitty. 5:17

Now with Cindy completely naked we just admire her immaculate pussy and ass. She squats her ass right in your face with all her girlie bits spread open nice and wide. There's also excellent poses squatting front side and lying on her side. Aside from a few bug bites on her thigh she is the perfect image of flawless perfection with a gorgeous ass and a very shapely undercarriage.

Phuk Me. 9:18

Cindy uses a small pink toy while lying back on the chair. Her position with her knees up and spread wide gets her gorgeous pussy and ass out in the open for maximum exposure. Later she lifts her butt off the surface in a crab walk position and continues working the toy in her pussy with her butt hanging in mid air. Her lube comes out slightly pink, perhaps due to menstruation.

Ledgie Dip. 7:19

Cindy gets up on a ledge overlooking a beautiful tropical island view and just poses nude with several different positions and a bit of dancing. Aside from the little bit of dancing there isn't really any particular theme to this clip. We got her up on the ledge basically just to capture the combination of beautiful girl and beautiful view in one shot.