733 Iwia

734 Tracy Delicious

735 Rosemary Radeva

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

A Bed of Dozes. 18:20

Tracy takes a pretty slow pace in this strip tease video at first seeming quite mellow and maybe even a little tired looking. However your interest will certainly be piqued when she gets her panties off and bends over with her ass in your face. She has one of the best bend over asses we have shot to date with voluptuous shapes and curves abounding throughout her lovely crack. Later she gets on her back with her knees up and she spreads her pussy lips open for a close up inspection. Finally she poses lying on her front and uses her hands to manipulate her butt with some subtle little jiggles rippling through her ass cheeks.

Feather Kiss M'ass. 7:42

Tracy is a little more lively in this clip as we use a feather to elicit a response out of her and get a few giggles. The feather tickling her pussy and ass makes her squirm a little. She does a very nice ass spread while the feather dances around on her anus. We then move in really close to see the small feather lightly painting her ass hole and getting a few twitchy responses.

Attention to de Tail. 11:14

Tracy is not exactly a pro with the anal sex but here she does have a little experimental dabble in her ass hole with a skinny toy. The interest here is more about the great views up her gorgeous ass than it is about the action. The action is kind of slow but the close up views in her voluptuous canyon are often quite spectacular. She does gain a little bit of momentum in the last couple of minutes with the addition of a little bit of clit rubbing though it is not so convincing.