730 Kari

731 Aaliyah Love

732 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Get Short Tease. 15:10

Aaliyah wears an interesting pair of jean shorts that tie up on the sides. She spends quite a bit of time just teasing with the shorts while moving around in various poses on the stairs. There's certainly no shortage of personality as she frequently talks to you and seems generally quite cheerful and giggly. In the last four minutes she goes without the shorts and does a nice panty tease including a font side view of her pussy lips showing through the see-through fabric. There is about a minute of bottomless nudity at the end including a vigorous ass spread that leaves nothing to the imagination.

The Stair Bares. 14:41

Now fully naked Aaliyah spends this whole clip just showing off her pussy and ass with lots of explicit posing. While sitting on the stairs she spreads her pussy open nice and wide for a detailed close up inspection. Her bend over pose is especially awesome with some nice butt wobbling and lots of spirited ass spreading. There's a little bit of walking action at the end of this clip as she casually strolls around in the hallway showing off her curves in motion.

Step up the Power. 9:23

The masturbation action in this clip is quite intense with the assistance of a heavy duty plug in vibrator. She starts yelling almost as soon as she puts it on her clitoris and she has several orgasms throughout this clip. The yelling and dirty talk may be partly for show but there's little doubt she is really feeling it and having genuine orgasms. There are several occasions where you can clearly see her muscles clenching as she reaches orgasm. She remains in a sitting position throughout with her ass sometimes hanging out over the edge of the step and the viewing position mostly down below her pussy.

Screws me Asshole. 5:57

Aaliyah buries a screw shaped toy up her ass and sometimes fucks herself with it but mostly just shows of her ass while bending over with the toy sticking out of her ass. She does a tight little booty wobble with the toy flapping around in the air. The butt spreading and wobbling continues after the toy comes out of her ass. Then lying on her side she sticks her asshole in your face and winks it in and out quite prominently.