729 Anneli

730 Kari

731 Aaliyah Love

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

There's some fairly substantial pros and cons to this video. On the positive side Kari is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and flawless models we have shot to date. Unfortunately she is not the best performer so we suggest watching this just for the physical assets.

Scene 1

Flawless Floozy. 17:33

Regardless of Kari being somewhat unconvincing on video you will be instantly struck by how fantastic her figure is with beautiful shapely hips and an ass to absolutely die for. Her panties are almost as beautiful as her ass making for a gorgeous ass tease. Her panties come off half way through this clip and we spend the rest of the time marvelling at her gorgeous naked pussy and ass. She has the most perfect and flawless skin with a beautiful olive complexion.

It's a Flossed Cause. 12:55

Kari uses her long necklace of blue pearls as a sex toy in this clip. At first she flosses her pussy and ass crack with the pearls and then later she stuffs them up her pussy and pulls them out. You certainly wont be convinced of any orgasm, or for that matter any genuine passion, as she seems to be just "going through the motions" and obviously faking it. That aside it is still perhaps quite a worthy clip for the stunning beauty of her gorgeous pussy and ass.

Shaggy and Tubey Doo. 4:36

Kari uses the see-through plastic tube in her pussy to give you an interesting inside view of her vagina. Once again the passion is completely missing but it is still quite a visual treat.