708 Sheena Shaw

709 Tracy Delicious

710 Lola

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Tracy's posing and action is a little on the timid side and yet we still get some great views of a truly gorgeous pussy and ass with plenty of spreading.

Scene 1

Delicious Oranges. 7:34

Tracy might seem somewhat reserved and perhaps even a little unsure of herself as she gives little peekaboo glimpses of her feminine places. What is certain is that she has a great smile, beautiful skin and, as you will soon discover, as gorgeous ass crack. After she strips off all of her clothes there's a brief intro to her spread ass at the end of the clip.

A Stand up Cum Medium. 7:01

Now with Tracy completely naked she just stands with her ass in your face and spreads everything open for a good long gaze up her gorgeous ass crack. You can clearly see that she has a creamy coating of pussy juice in her vaginal entrance as she spreads it open. She has definitely got some beautiful meat on her ass with gorgeous curves and a very nice jiggle.

Chair Tease for a Good Cause. 6:30

A completely see through acrylic chair provides a great prop for some obvious perverted viewing angles. We spend a good amount of time looking straight up from underneath as she squirms around on the chair with her spread ass and pussy rocking back and forth against the surface. The overhead view also beautifully displays the curves of her back flowing down to her wide ass. Later in the clip she turns the chair around and sits backwards on the chair with her ass hanging right off the edge and hovering over your face.

Meat at the Czech in Counter. 7:06

Tracy gets up on the counter and just poses in several positions to show off her bare pussy and ass. Her bend over ass spreading is especially nice with beautiful curves bulging in your face. Once again you can see the creamy juiciness in the entrance of her vagina. In the latter portion of this clip she poses lying on her back with her legs in the air in a position that beautifully displays the curves of her underside.

Tracy Diddley-icious. 7:50

Tracy's finger masturbation is mostly just a slow and gentle pussy rub with a mild climax towards the end. She remains lying on her back with her naked girlie places beautifully displayed on the hard surface of the counter top.

In the Low Dink Zone. 8:40

The acrylic chair comes into play once again as Tracy humps a suction dildo that is stuck onto it. We observe some very beautiful squirming motion from underneath with her pussy sliding up and down a well greased up rubber dildo. She certainly has no trouble humping the entire length of the dildo and she eventually builds up a little gob of creamy pussy goo caked to the base of the dildo.

Gape Pried. 3:53

Tracy's speculum scene shows that her creamy pussy juice extends all the way down to her cervix with a light coating of creaminess on all her inside surfaces.