709 Tracy Delicious

710 Lola

711 Alexa Rydell

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Take a Strip to Greece. 10:15

The vibrant colors of this set are truly magnificent, surpassed only by the beauty of the hot girl stripping her bikini off and teasing with her flawless body. There's a significant amount of bum tease with Lola's ass standing right in front of your face, first in her bikini and then naked. The full body views are also quite stunning.

White Czech on White Deck. 13:12

This is all nude posing with Lola lying on the white concrete deck and showing several very revealing poses. She is the vision of pure youthful perfection and flawless beauty. There's ample opportunity to alternately gaze up her spread vagina and/or get lost in her glorious ass cheeks. We have a pretty extensive close up examination of her ass crack near the end of this clip.

Black Beads Buried Treasure. 14:32

Lola takes off her black bead necklace and puts it to good use inside her vagina. She manages to stuff the entire long string of beads up her vagina until there's just a small tail sticking out of her pussy. She stuffs them inside and pulls them out several times each time burying them down to the last few beads sticking out of her pussy. You'll love how she squats wagging her pussy in your face with her ass hanging in mid air. She later turns over onto her front to squirm her ass in the air with the beads hanging out of her pussy. We get some very nice ass views with the beads flossing through her ass crack.

Milk Maid. ITC Favorite 8:48

Streams of milk have never looked so pretty as they do when pouring down Lola's gorgeous body. She empties and entire jug of milk down her body in front, back and bend over views. In the front view the milk streams naturally meander down to her pussy and curve right under following her lips. We also get a very nice close up rear view with milk streaming down her spread ass crack and meandering through her anus. In the bend over position her pussy and ass get completely flooded in ever increasing streams of milk.