707 Linet

708 Sheena Shaw

709 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Fiordland, New Zealand

There's one common thread through all of the below clips. Even though each clip has it's own main type of content you will always see a little bit of Sheena's amazing pussy spreading with some pretty wide gaping vagina views in each clip.

Scene 1

A Hole in the Boat. 18:22

Sheena's skimpy little khaki shorts are quite revealing, especially when she wears them unzipped, rolled down at the waist and hiked up in her crack. They don't stay on for very long and then it's all bottomless nudity and pussy and ass ogling in various positions. She gets quite an amazing pussy gape while lying on her front with her hands wrapped around behind her ass to pry the vagina wide open. Towards the end she displays some of her flexible talents while doing the splits on the table. The clip ends with another excellent gape while squatting directly over your face.

Make up for Lust Time. 27:08

Sheena's masturbation session involves a number of different make up items being used as sex toys and a fairly substantial interlude of pussy spreading in between the bouts of masturbation. Once again she gets an awesome pussy spread while lying on her front with her hands wrapped around behind her ass to pry the vagina open. There's a long segment of just finger masturbation before she eventually returns to using her make up bottles and brushes for toys. There is no real orgasm in this masturbation scene as her talents, though numerous, lie elsewhere.

Nice Sheenary. 9:31

Sheena now goes outside onto the top of the boat where we see her doing fully naked poses against especially scenic fiordland background. Though our original plan was for an entire scene in this outdoor setting the weather was just too blustery and cold, but not enough to stop Sheena from braving the elements for 10 minutes of nude posing. She does some splits and a very nice butt wobble while bending over on her knees. Once again she does another fantastic pussy spread with fingers gaping her vagina from behind.