706 Cindy Starfall

707 Linet

708 Sheena Shaw

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Hangin' out at Hooters. 12:19

Linet is one of the rare models with big natural boobs that is not shy about letting them bounce free with lots of deliberate jiggling. She frequently swipes her hands over her boobs creating lots of bouncy motions. These big boobs definitely jiggle free, especially when she bends over and lets them dangle. We get a great view from underneath as she bends over letting her boobs hang freely over your face with almost constant jiggling motion.

A Big Smack with Pries. 10:52

This is all pussy and ass gazing with lots of spreading, first while standing and later lying on top of the table. While lying on her front she alternately smacks her ass quite a lot getting the cheeks bouncing and spreads her pussy wide open from behind. There's a little bit of bend over ass wobbling and also a nice crab walk pose with her pussy and ass squirming in your face.

I'll get Ride on it. 6:38

Linet rides a large rubber suction dildo that is stuck onto a stool. This toy was perhaps a little too soft and bendy for the best results but we still get some quite nice views from down low under her ass. There's one very nice though brief spread pussy view as she lifts off the toy with her pussy gaping wide open.

Getting a Bone Ass. 12:32

Linet now uses the same very large toy in her ass. Her first position is somewhat unique as she sits on top of the table with the toy stuck on the glass table top and almost the full length of the toy buried up her ass. There's some brief but very entertaining dirty talk followed by some hand held dildo action with her ass in the air. She's not shy about sucking on the dildo fresh out of her ass. In the latter portions of this clip she ditches the dildo in favour of fingers and she just dabbles her fingers in her spread ass resulting in some of the best views of this video.