688 Sheena Shaw

689 Nina James

690 Lyla Storm

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Flail to Impress. 7:00

Though Nina's top never fully comes off there's lots of boob spillage throughout this clip. She's got an awesome set of natural boobs and we soak in all of the jiggly action for quite a while. There's an interesting up shirt shot giving the perspective that you are right inside her shirt watching her boobs wobbling around. She is almost constantly doing the shoulder shake getting her big flawless boobs flailing around in all directions.

Under Assessment. 19:18

Nina takes off her shoes and pants, not always having the best posture at first but then revealing a gorgeous undercarriage with lots of ass spreading and bend over posing. This clip takes a very casual pace giving you tons of time to just soak your brains in her naked naughty bits. She looks quite awesome bending over with beautiful shape in her pussy and ass area and some explicit spreading mixed in as well. Towards the end she lies on her front on the table with her legs spread wide open giving some nice close up ass crack views. There's not a lot of action in this but it's great if you just want to look at beautiful pussy and ass for almost 20 minutes.

Cream and Shagger. ITC Favorite 8:17

Nina uses an ornamental glass dildo while lying on her back on the table. The pussy and ass views are quite awesome with her ass well displayed on the hard surface of the table and some pretty penetration through it all. After a slow start she picks up some momentum and she eventually gets a gorgeous stream of pussy juice seeping out of her vagina and down through her ass crack. It is one very pretty view during the moments of climax with pussy juice caked all over the glass toy and running down her ass.

The Real Nina. 1:04

This brief outtake shows Nina clowning around with the off camera crew. Though Nina generally comes off quite serious on video this snippet shows a brief glimpse of her real personality when she perhaps does not know the camera is rolling.

Scene 2

Cum as you are. 18:33

Nina has a completely different look in this scene as it is shot on a different day and almost completely without make up and with an unshaved butt crack. This may be of interest to those that appreciate a girl just as she is without all the meticulous grooming. Once again her awesome boobs grab our attention in the beginning of this scene with some beautiful angles enhancing her voluptuous chest and plenty of beautiful boob wobbling and fondling. She soon whips off her panties and gets busy with a vibrator on her pussy. She keeps the vibrator circling and dabbling right on her clitoris the whole time with minimal diversions to the vagina. She has several positions including lying on her back, on her side and bending over on her knees, all showing some really nice pussy and ass views. It takes her quite a long time to reach an orgasm but the eventual orgasm is obviously genuine with visible contractions.