689 Nina James

690 Lyla Storm

691 Vicki Chase

Shoot Location: Mahinapua Bay, New Zealand

Scene 1

A Storm on the Coast. 17:41

The location of this set has a stunningly scenic background which required a quite strenuous hike to get to. The first part of this focuses on Lyla's super short plaid shorts as we follow her across a grassy area to a cliff edge overlooking the sea. After she gets naked she empties half of her water bottle all down her bare body causing her dark skin to glisten in the reflected light. We pay particular attention to all the glistening streams of water that flow down over her ass and through has ass crack. She then gets down on her rug and displays her pussy and ass in several positions including a pile driver pose and lying on her back and front with some pussy spreading mixed in. The vivid colours and clarity are quite stunning in this set.

All you can Dink. 9:27

Lyla uses a huge rubber dildo while lying back on her rug. The dildo almost seems too big for her but she gets at least half of it inside her and pumps herself quite enthusiastically. By the time she is done she is all sweaty with her make up partially melted off her face.

Pebbles and Bum Bum. 12:43

Now down off the hill at sea level Lyla plays around in the water on a couple of nearby beaches. It's perhaps more scenic than explicit with lots of full body shots though with revealing poses. At the second beach Lyla poses in a little tide pool that forms a perfect jacuzzi amongst the rocks. There's plenty of bend over poses and ass floating in the water views. The beach is made up of millions of small oval pebbles and she half buries her ass in them while lying on the beach. You'll love the way she crawls and slithers back into the tide pool near the end.