687 Marilyn

688 Sheena Shaw

689 Nina James

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Shaw is a Good Hostess. 10:38

Even while busy setting the dining table Sheena's posture is overtly sexual and flirtatious taking any opportunity to bend over in her short form fitting dress. She sits down and teases with lots of leg motion and then stands up to show off her ass in her multicolored panties with the dress pulled up. There's a little bit of bottomless nudity at the end of this clip giving an introductory glimpse of her rather large pussy lips.

Strong Under Cunt. 5:07

This is all low angle pussy and ass views as Sheena spreads her bits while standing over top of you. She also squats right on the edge of the table with her bare ass overhanging the edge of the table almost right on top of your face.

That's Pretty Meat. 4:47

Now lying back on the table Sheena just fiddles with her pussy lips, not quite masturbating but just showing off her big pussy flaps with a bit of finger manipulation and light rubbing. There's definitely lots of thick wrinkly features to lose your mind in in this pussy and butt crack.

Last Minute Touch Up. 9:29

Sheena now uses her lip gloss bottle as a sex toy repeatedly dipping it in her pussy. Her crab walk position is quite awesome giving an excellent of her pussy and ass area. Before long she starts applying the lip gloss to her pussy lips getting a nice trail of pretty pink gloss all over her big thick lips. Near the end she turns around and bends over to put some lip gloss on her ass cheeks as well.

The Brushin's are Coming. ITC Favorite 8:46

Sheena finds some imaginative uses for a cooking brush and some olive oil. After a little bit of teasing with the brush she then uses it to paint her pussy with olive oil. She gets a nice glistening coat of oil all over her pussy lips and then she starts to masturbate with the brush. Rather than using the handle end of the brush she actually buries the soft bristles of the brush up her pussy. The action is not particularly vigorous and neither is it orgasmic but it is certainly unique and very erotic. Once again the crab walk position near the end is outstanding with an excellent view of her squirming pussy and ass all glistening with oil.