686 Riley Reid

687 Marilyn

688 Sheena Shaw

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Marilyn's Mansion. 9:43

We just watch Marilyn's slender but curvy form in motions as she walks around the large living room first in her pinstripe suite and then fully naked. Most of this shows fully body views though there is also an excellent close up butt shot as we follow behind her walking ass.

Fairly Formal. 5:29

We reset with Marilyn fully clothed again for a more traditional strip tease video. She spends some time wagging her ass in your face with the pinstripes of her skirt seeming to enhance her curves. She gets fully nude at the end though the poses are all rather elegant with no explicit views at this point.

The Faultline. 8:40

The posing is a lot more revealing now with all open leg and bend over positions. Marilyn's anus is a little less than flawless with some protruding tags, though this in itself may be of interest to some viewers.

Trying to Frigger it out. 6:24

It would appear that masturbation doesn't quite come naturally for Marilyn as her rubbing technique is rather unusual and focuses on the slit more than the clit. There's some very nice squirming motion but you probably wont be sold on any genuine orgasm. Her bend over pose is really nice here and probably better than the previous clip.

Intubation. 3:29

Marilyn uses the clear plastic tube in her pussy to give an interesting inside perspective in her vagina. It's a great view if you like seeing how a girl's vagina walls slither and wrap around a penetrating object.