685 Lexa

686 Riley Reid

687 Marilyn

Shoot Location: Russell, New Zealand

The ever cheerful Riley is a lot more quiet than usual in this video as she seems to have lost her voice, though the charming smile is still there.

Scene 1

Sheer is Nice. 13:35

The strip tease portion of this video does not match the pictures as we took advantage of a beautiful outdoor setting while the sun lasted. There's a few lens flares from the sun but otherwise the lighting here is quite awesome with beautiful reflected light illuminating the model with vivid color and clarity. Riley's see through blouse gives a nice hint of her tits long before it comes off and her panties are partly see through as well.

All Riley Then. 10:48

Now fully naked Riley poses in the front entrance of the house. Her poses by the door are more of the elegant full body variety followed by more revealing poses lying on the floor in the hallway. Her bend over ass wobble is quite understated but well done. The crab walk pose near the end gives an excellent view of her pussy and ass area.

Splatter Control Problem. ITC Favorite 12:58

This is undoubtedly the best part of this video with Riley using a vibrator to produce several squirting orgasms. Her biggest squirt hits you right in the face as her spray gets a little more intense than we had anticipated. A small portion of this therefore has a bit of splatter on the lens but we soon reset with a clean lens. Her pussy becomes visibly swollen and engorged and virtually pushes itself inside out at times.