684 Tiffany Thompson

685 Lexa

686 Riley Reid

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Shanks a Lot. 9:13

It's really impossible not to smile watching Lexa's rather humorous attempts to play golf. She has never tried golf before and it shows as she fools around with a few strokes at the ball and comments on her play with her thick Czech accent. She spend almost as much time wagging her amazing rear end in your face as she does playing golf. The shorts she wears are pretty awesome with her big shapely butt cheeks spilling out the bottom.

Use a Wedgie. ITC Favorite 22:31

With the golfing over with Lexa changes her activities to just showing off her ass with a strip tease and lots of butt wagging in your face. She wedges her shorts up tight into her ass crack letting all her shapely rear end curves spill out. The shorts then come off and she does more similar butt teasing with just her panties on. By the time her panties come down you will be so ready to see her ass crack that this moment may be the highlight of the video. Her ass spreading and bouncing as spectacular as usual. A big chunk of this clip features Lexa using the flag pole as a prop as she stands with her ass to the pole and wraps her ass cheeks around it making a beautiful wedgie with the pole flossing her ass. You will be jealous of the flag pole as it gets wedged deep up her ass crack with ass cheeks sandwiched completely around it and you see her ass hole sliding up and down the pole as viewed from below. After a while she gets down on her knees to hump her pussy and ass against the flag pole while bending over.

A Hole in One. 6:43

Lexa gets down on the green lying on her back to show off her pussy and ass with some nice spreading. Her pussy spreading is quite well done showing a nice open vagina with her fingers well out of the way. She later turns onto her front to show off her shapely booty squirming around in the air. At the end there's a nice ass in motion view as you see her walking away down the fairway with her golf caddy in tow. The mixture of sun, cloud and wind on the day make for some slightly less than ideal shooting conditions as can be seen here.

Getting the Jetters. 2:34

This outtake shows Lexa barely able to contain her enthusiasm talking about jet boating, her newfound favourite activity in New Zealand.