683 Cindy Starfall

684 Tiffany Thompson

685 Lexa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

There's no doubt that Tiffany is one mighty fine looking young lady but the level of performance here is honestly a bit substandard.

Scene 1

She's so Cued. 17:14

Tiffany doesn't have to do much more than smile to look amazing. Her strip tease is quite slow paced and at times perhaps lacking conviction and yet her fabulously good looks and great smile make up for a lot. After she is bottomless she uses a pool cue as a prop sometimes sitting her ass on it like a shelf and sometimes flossing her pussy and ass crack up and down it. Towards the end she crawls around on top of the pool table while bottomless but still wearing her green top. It ends with her lying on her front with legs spread wide showing off her underside with a modest spread.

One Tooth Free. 6:54

Tiffany uses the tooth shaped vibrator on her pussy while lying on top of the pool table. It's unclear whether there's really a genuine orgasm in this but there is some pretty obvious muscle clenching visible around her anus and vagina area throughout and a hint of pussy juice showing in her vagina entrance.