001 Kerri Ann

002 Sabrina

003 Traci

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This is a great video for those who love a girl with a nice full voluptuous yet well-proportioned rear end. You get to view her from an ass lovers perspective for much of the video as Sabrina shows off her ass over top of your face.

Scene 1

Squirmy Sabrina. 18:46

Wearing a sexy white dress and panties you get plenty of tease with up the skirt views and panty close ups. After her panties come off there's almost 14 straight minutes of extensive pussy fiddling in various positions and breathless masturbation on the floor.

Vaginal Stuffing. 5:56

Sabrina dangles her panties in her face and then stuffs them all the way up her vagina until they completely disappear. She slowly pulls them out of her pussy, rubs them all through her slit and then has a quick sniff of her panties.

Balls and Beads. 15:00

On two separate occasions Sabrina inserts a set of vibratone balls up her vagina and sets them in motion by jumping and bouncing around over top of your face. This is fabulous stuff for anyone who likes watching a shapely ass in motion. She also stuffs a string of anal beads up her bum and we give you some great in the crack views as the beads and balls come out of her pussy and ass.

Take a Look Inside. 3:28

Sabrina gives you some shockingly explicit deep vagina views with a speculum inside her. You have a very well lit clear view of her cervix virtually filling your screen.

Sabrina's Vibrators. 7:03

Sabrina finishes this scene using an assortment of various different vibrators.

Scene 2

Sashay up the Stairs. 0:43

You follow Sabrina up several flights of stairs with your face close behind her ass. No actual nudity here but nice stuff if you like watching a voluptuous ass in motion in tight stretch pants.

Rainbow Popsicle. 7:54

Sabrina gives you a nice little ass tease wearing formfitting black pants. You get to inspect the way her pants curve down under her shapely bum cheeks before she slowly peels them off. Next she has a Popsicle and manages to get it all over her breasts, up her pussy and all through her bum crack.

Bathtub Follies. 12:37

Now she takes a bath to get the melted Popsicle off but occasionally gets distracted and dabbles a dildo in her pussy. You also get some fabulous low angle rear views as she scrubs her ass with a soapy mesh sponge.

Squatting on a Dildo. 2:58

Sabrina sticks a suction cup dildo to the bathroom counter and you see the front and rear views at the same time as she rides it in front of the mirror.

In Sabrina's Crack. ITC Favorite 1:37

Sabrina parks her ass right over your face and spreads it for some extreme close up in the crack views.

On the Loo. 1:02

The video ends with Sabrina taking a pee sitting on the toilet with your face between her knees.