671 Victoria Diamond

672 Blue Angel

673 Lola

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

This collection is another ass lover's paradise as we can't help but gravitate to Blue Angel's awesome rear end pretty much through this entire video. The video keeps a pretty casual pace throughout without any overtly robust action but with tons of excellent ass posing giving you lots of time to soak your brains in her gorgeous rear end.

Scene 1

Doing the Night Shift. 7:40

The attention drifts to Blue Angel's amazing ass pretty quickly and stays there through most of this strip tease. When her jean skirt comes off her top is just long enough to pull down snugly over her ass like a super short sexy dress. The ass tease continues with the silky material of her top sliding up and down over her squirming ass. There is no fully bottomless nudity yet as the thong panties stay on.

Over Time. 8:29

Blue Angel's panties come off right away and she then just displays her awesome undercarriage while standing naked over your face throughout this entire clip. It involves lots of non stop slow squirming and dancing over your face with occasional pussy and ass spreading. You get a fantastic eyeful of pussy and ass and beautiful curves and form all hovering right on top of you for an extended period.

My Ass on your Deck. 6:13

The nude posing and pussy and ass ogling continues now with Blue Angel down on the deck in several positions including a crab walk, doggy style, lying on her side and lying on her front. It is a non stop study of beautiful form as her underside has some pretty amazing shapes with tight curves and well defined form.

Moon Walk. 4:01

Though we didn't have a treadmill or a long walking space at this location we still had to get her walking around a little bit just to show off her beautiful figure in motion. She casually strolls back and forth a number of times beside the pool displaying remarkable posture and form. Most of this shows her in full body view but there are also a couple of brief close up views following her ass in motion.

Petaling Crack. 3:30

Blue Angel now gets up on the table and picks a few flowers off the nearby bush. The flower petals make a nice decoration in her ass crack. She stuffs a small flower petal almost right into her anus and then squirms her ass around in your face.

Ass Angel. ITC Favorite 10:40

Few girls can look as amazing as Blue Angel when lying on her side and the first half of this anal clip has her on her side the whole time with a spectacular display of gorgeous curves around her ass, crotch and thighs. She spends her time slowly fingering her ass hole before dabbling a glass butt plug up her ass. She then moves to a doggy style position and then finishes lying on her front. We get a very nice close up ass crack view after the toy comes out of her ass.