670 Jenna J Ross

671 Victoria Diamond

672 Blue Angel

Shoot Location: Palau, Micronesia

Scene 1

Jungle Oasis. 17:10

We parked our boat in a secluded spot of pristine beauty where the sea infiltrates between a maze of jungle islands. Viktoria does her strip tease on the bow of the boat against a background of surreal colors of turquoise waters and lush jungle. The perfection of her flawless porcelain skin is quite evident throughout. The latter half of this is mostly all bare pussy and ass ogling in several positions. She is so smooth and flawless you wont be able to see the slightest hint of stubble anywhere on her pussy.

Knob Buddy's Around. 8:44

Now sitting on a bench Viktoria uses a narrow tipped vibrator on her pussy. She sometimes dabbles it inside her vagina but mostly she just rubs the tip around her protruding clitoris lightly teasing it until she comes to a quite obvious and genuine orgasm.

What's the Mudder with you? 5:15

The water in this location has the milky turquoise color because of the white mud bottom which locals believe to have special therapeutic properties. The common practice is to smear the mud all over your body thus promoting youthful healthy skin. Choose for yourself whether there is any truth to the superstition but it does provide an interesting theme for a video of a beautiful naked girl. The content here is very softcore but none the less enticing as Viktoria cakes her body with white mud and then takes a swim to wash it all off.