672 Blue Angel

673 Lola

674 Gia Steel

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Pretty 'n Pink. 17:55

It's hard to imagine a more perfect and charming girl than Lola and you get lots of time to thoroughly explore her charms from top to bottom in this expansive strip tease clip. There's some very nice face shots near the beginning as she applies her make up. Much of the rest of this video gravitates towards her incredibly flawless ass first while wearing jean shorts and then in her sexy pink thong panties. Though the panties don't actually come off there's still a few beautiful bare ass crack views as she pulls the panties aside from time to time. This clip is mostly recommended for the Lola's ever present and charming smile and the almost constant worshipping of spectacular ass cheeks.

Nude Grin Ginch. ITC Favorite 10:53

Lola's sexy pink panties play a prominent role throughout this clip, first when she pulls them up her thighs to expose her girlie bits, then while sniffing them and again later when she stuffs them right up her vagina and pulls them out. Her initial pose lying back with her knees up is really quite spectacular as her panties peel off her pussy just enough to reveal one of the most gorgeous pussy and ass areas you will ever see. Not only is the position excellent but she enhances the view with some really excellent pussy spreading. With the panties then removed she rubs them right on her pussy to pick up her scent before having a good sniff of her panty crotch. The face shots here are really very intimate and charming with beautiful smiles and eye contact. She then stuffs the panties up her vagina and spreads her pussy open so you can see the panties inside her vagina. After the panties come out of her pussy there's another brief but excellent spread pussy view.

The Brush Pokes of Pick Ass Hole. 17:27

Lola finds some imaginative uses for her make up brush as she applies blush to her pussy and ass area using the brush and then later uses the handle of the brush as an anal toy. After brushing all around her pussy and ass there's a little interlude of pussy spreading while she bends forward and then the brush handle goes right up her ass for an extended bit of anal play. Her bend over position reveals her ass crack with maximum exposure. She then goes down on her front and we get some close up views right in her ass crack while she dabbles the brush handle in her ass. Near the end she applies a big gob of lube to her ass and rubs it all around in her ass crack for a nice wet ass crack view while she dabbles a finger up her ass hole.

For your Glistening Pleasure. ITC Favorite 3:58

Lola applies her lip stick to her lips once again but this time she also applies it to her pussy lips. It is a very erotic sight with her flawless pussy lips really glistening bright pink under her super glossy and glittering lip stick. She then turns over onto her side and she paints a few random streaks of lip gloss over her ass cheeks and through her ass crack.