650 Caprice

651 Tiffany Thompson

652 Anikka Albrite

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Strapping Young Lady. 16:44

Tiffany looks especially tall in this strappy lingerie outfit. In spite of our attention to her feminine places you might find yourself admiring her pretty angel face more than anything else. Her sitting pose is very elegant and classy with her pretty smile attracting our attention. There's several low angle views exploring her pussy and ass while she sits on the edge of the chair and then squats backwards with her girlie bits hovering over your face.

Tiddly Winks. 14:54

Tiffany's masturbation scene starts out with a big glass dildo. It provides some nice visuals but she found it a little tough to get in so she soon switches to a vibrator instead. There is some fairly obvious muscle twitching as she reacts to the vibrations. You can clearly see her anus squeezing in and out quite prominently at times. It would appear that there is at least one real orgasm in this footage and possibly a second one.

Walk a Smile in her Shoes. 5:06

We take a look at Tiffany's tall slender figure in motion now with Tiffany walking back and forth along the hallway wearing her strappy lingerie dress. The prominent feature here is her ever present and charming smile.