649 Abelia

650 Caprice

651 Tiffany Thompson

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Scene 1

Tit as a Fiddle. ITC Favorite 14:10

Caprice's see through lace dress is a beautiful tease with her perfect youthful tits showing through. There's also some nice up skirt views but really it's her stunningly perfect tits that dominate this strip tease. Her boob fondling is absolutely delightful with her hands frequently flipping over her firm tits to make them jiggle a tight little dance. Later she bends forward allowing her tits to dangle and she wiggles them around hands free with a shake of the shoulders.

Caprice's Pieces. 5:21

The attention moves down to the pussy now with Caprice leaning back on the concrete ledge and then standing over your face. She does some very nice pussy and ass spreading with several open pussy views.

One minute and Footy Sex Seconds. 1:46

This brief interlude draws attention to her feet as she sits down to take off her shoes and then shows off her bare feet in the air.

Sink Dirty Thoughts. ITC Favorite 17:18

This may be one of the most beautiful bathrooms we have shot with ornate Italian styling and one of the biggest sinks you will ever see. The sink is so big she can use it as a bathtub sitting in shallow water with all of her body exposed for visual enjoyment. She uses a glass bottle of liquid soap to dribble the creamy liquid all over her boobs, pussy and ass. There's plenty of very pretty views of creamy gobs of soap, suds and water flowing over fleshy mounds and through feminine crevasses. In the last 4 minutes Caprice gives her pussy a good rub while lying back in the water. The remaining suds on her pussy turn into a pretty cream that looks like pussy juice running from her vagina. There's not likely any real orgasm in this but it is a very nice and vigorous pussy rub with some beautiful creamy results all around her pussy lips.