651 Tiffany Thompson

652 Anikka Albrite

653 Abbie Cat

Shoot Location: Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Visually this is one of the most stunning videos we have ever shot with amazing scenery, beautiful colors and a spectacular model. Unfortunately the audio doesn't measure up to that same high standard as there's tons of wind noise due to insufficient wind sock.

Scene 1

She Deserves a Meadow. ITC Favorite 18:48

The first view in this video present some pretty jaw dropping scenery as Anikka walks into the scene. Before long your attention will be drawn to her nice fitting jean shorts which her ample ass fills out beautifully. Later we move to the top of the hill and Anikka rolls around in the grass showing off her shorts with her legs in the air and also lying on her front. As her shorts slowly come down her beautiful panties and an amazingly voluptuous ass are revealed. She lies down on her front to show some really fabulous ass views, first with and then without the panties.

Strollen Goods. 5:04

Anikka takes a long naked walk through the hilltop meadow while we follow close behind watching every wiggle of her ass. You can soak in every step of her walking ass for quite a while here as she walks quite a distance in two directions. We might recommend simply turning the audio off for this one as the wind noise and crew sounds are just distracting here.

Your Grass is Huge. ITC Favorite 10:17

Anikka dives into the really long thick green grass and just crawls and rolls around showing off her spectacular ass. Her poses just lying on her front with her gorgeous ass sticking up are some of the best views you will ever see. Anikka is one of our best models in the bend over and crawling positions and you see lots of it here. Near the end she starts walking again and the mood becomes more playful as she starts doing cartwheels.

Ogley's Sun Grasses. ITC Favorite 7:30

Anikka applies a thick layer of sun lotion before getting down on her picnic blanket. Of course we pay special attention to her lovely ass while she applies the lotion to it. While lying on her front we move right in close to admire her ass crack while she fondles her anus. Near the end she does an awesome ass wobble with her big cheeks flailing around in the air.

Cum Hill or High Twatter. ITC Favorite 7:37

Anikka's masturbation scene starts with a visually stunning scene of beautiful colors, amazing scenery and an amazing girl lying back on her picnic blanket with her legs wide open and soaking in the sun. She soon gets busy with her vibrating tooth toy. Before long she turns over onto her front so you can gaze up her amazing ass while she vibrates her clit with the toy. She is especially wiggly and twitchy as she reacts to the vibrations making her big bum cheeks flail around with lots of beautiful jiggles. After she is finished with the toy she jacks her ass up for some beautiful bend over views and she exits the scene crawling away into the long grass.

Urine Deep Grass. ITC Favorite 4:16

This may be one of our best pee scenes ever with the most beautiful bend over poser peeing in a doggy style position. It is the ultimate position and camera angle for a beautiful face full of pussy and ass while she pees. Her stream starts out as a little trickle and gradually becomes a more steady stream that lightly forces her lips open. A few blades of grass are her toilet paper. The ending is somewhat comical as she rolls around in the grass trying to get the pee off her stomach.