648 Karlie Montana & Dani Daniels

649 Abelia

650 Caprice

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Abelia by the Minute. 7:49

Abelia's dress is an excellent match to the location with fresh white dominating the scene and a little bit of bling to dress it up. Most of this strip tease focuses on her cotton thong panties which she shows off while bending over and then lying back with her legs up. She wedges her panties tight up into her pussy slit leaving very little to the imagination with her lips spilling out the sides.

Bod Pod. 5:36

Now with Abelia completely naked this clip is all bare pussy and ass ogling with plenty of spreading in multiple positions. Her bend over posing is especially nice with lots of squatting in your face and two hand spreading of her pussy.

Dink Dong, Who's Bare? 4:25

Abelia uses the classic styled hot pink rubber dildo to fuck herself. The clip is quite brief but it involves a pretty big dildo giving her some deep insertion and pretty penetration action. There is no climax to this dildo action as it seems more of a warm up for the following content.

Fresh Squeezed Juice. 4:22

Abelia slides her ass off the edge of the couch and uses her fingers to fuck herself with special attention to massaging her G spot. Her technique obviously works well for her as she squirts almost right away with yellow squirt juice spurting out between her fingers. She manages a few quick squirts and then she sits right in her puddle on the floor. There's some nice views of her ass hanging in mid air with her squirt juice dripping off her ass cheeks.

Open Cuntcept. 5:27

The lighting in the full body shots in this speculum scene didn't quite hit the deep spots in her vagina. However the close up inside views are quite remarkable and display a wonderfully tidy vagina with an immaculate cervix. When she turns over to pose doggy style the deep end of her vagina sinks down into a big cavernous opening.

Gawk at Walk. 3:37

Abelia uses the entire length of the room to show off her body in motion walking back and forth several times. She doesn't have a whole lot of ass to wiggle but the front side view is really nice with her beautifully shaped hips, long legs, full bosom and charming face completing the vision of beauty in motion.