647 Lexa

648 Karlie Montana & Dani Daniels

649 Abelia

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Giggles and Jiggles. 18:46

After an initial bit of elegant and sensual posing the mood soon changes as the girls become quite playful with lots of jovial banter while they explore each other's bodies. There's lots of jiggling of boobs and butts and cheeks rubbing and bouncing together. The panties come off and the girls take turns admiring each other's spread undersides offering some excellent views while bending over. There's a nice segment of butt wobbling in unison as well as kegal muscle flexing and buttock flexing. With Karlie's great sense of humor there's a number of comical moments throughout this clip

Lez Talk, More Action. 21:31

The real lesbian action starts now. After a bit of kissing Karlie bends over to receive a pussy and ass licking. The ass licking portion is especially nice with Karlie's bend over pose showing lots of pussy and ass. The action then reciprocates with Dani now bending over to get her ass licked. The attention then turns to pussy licking with the girls taking turns to get eaten out while lying back with the legs up. There's a playful interlude of pussy lip squeezing as the girls make "pussy burgers" with their lips. Karlie's pussy licking on Dani's pussy lips has some extra sound effects with lots of slurpy noises enhancing the action.

Bumper Stickers. 6:13

This clip starts out with a bit of simultaneous masturbation with the girls bending over side by side. They soon get distracted with each other and start bumping their pussies and asses together, first in doggy style poses and then in a scissors position.

Shop Talk. 1:46

Here's what the girls talk about when they don't know the camera is still recording. Karlie's sense of humor is quite evident as she tells stories of previous shooting experiences.