646 Zorah White

647 Lexa

648 Karlie Montana & Dani Daniels

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

This collection was shot almost 2 years prior to this release date - saved for a rainy day due to the abundance of outstanding Lexa shoots in the can. It's no less of a collection though as this features perhaps her sexiest dress yet and an awesome segment of dancing.

Scene 1

Rain Dance. ITC Favorite 24:50

Lexa's wildly sexy zebra dress is perfect for showing off her amazing figure in motion. She does lots of dancing around throughout this extensive clip. It seems no matter what she does she cannot stop her dress from gradually sliding up over her ass. It is a great tease as she often adjusts her dress down and keeps dancing so it slides up again. Her panties are really unique, made up only of pearls and could hardly be considered panties at all. She pauses from the dancing to spread her ass and bounce it over your face and teasingly adjust the pearls in her crack. Her ass spreads give a glorious eyeful of open pussy and ass, often combined with a beautiful bounce of jiggle ass flesh as she lets it drop. After several minutes of spread ass play she loses the panties and starts dancing again with the dress momentarily pulled down to normal. Sometimes the dress looks so spectacular on her that you might almost wish it would stay down over her ass. The high angle view looking down her back is really very interesting with the dress seeming to enhance her narrow waist and wide hips and ass. The up dress views are mind numbingly beautiful both with and without the panties. Only in the last couple of minutes does she get completely naked exposing her full figure with beautiful hip squirming motions.

Drizzle Dazzle. 7:18

Lexa gets busy with a small pink vibrator while leaning back against a chair. Her ass hovers in mid air throughout this clip allowing for some nice pussy and ass views. There's a few rain drops on the lens in the latter portions of this video.