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646 Zorah White

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Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Zorah is perhaps not the perfect 10 slick professional model that you might typically see on inthecrack. If you appreciate the girl next door look then there's plenty to enjoy here as she does have some quite impressive assets.

Scene 1

Flossed on Broad Way. 7:22

Though Zorah looks quite plain from a distance you will soon come to see that she has a really gorgeous ass crack and a great form to her undercarriage in general. The strip tease doesn't last very long as she is soon on her back with her legs spread. The only remaining clothing item between you and her pussy is a flimsy little thong that gets tugged right up her slit and then pulled aside revealing everything there is to see.

Under the Influence of Crack. ITC Favorite 9:52

Now with the panties gone we just soak in her gorgeous underside while she spreads her ass in your face in several positions. Her backwards squatting pose is really awesome as she virtually sits on your face with her ass crack and pussy held wide open. She has some real healthy meat on her bones with voluptuous ass curves, smooth silky skin and a very large and beautiful anus. For ass lovers and anus oglers this clip is not to be missed. Later when she spreads her pussy open you see a long string of gooey pussy juice flow out and hang down from her pussy lips.

She's Big Boned. ITC Favorite 8:53

Zorah leans back on the bench and has a go with the largest dildo we had. It slips into her pussy with ridiculous ease sinking in all the way down to the balls. There's an awesome spill of pussy juice that flows out of her vagina when she takes the dildo out of her pussy. Though there is no obvious orgasm the footage in this clip is quite fantastic combining a very shapely underside with very large and deep dildo penetration.

Objects in Rear are Larger than they Appear. 9:22

Now on the bed, Zorah uses another dildo to fuck herself in the ass. Her initial pose doesn't have the most revealing posture but she soon moves onto her back giving a good view of the dildo penetration. She then bends over on her knees with her ass high in the air and continues to fuck herself in the ass. The action builds to a climax with the addition of some pussy rubbing. The best part comes after she is done with the toy when she just flexes her anus muscle and dips one finger up her ass.