615 Aleksa

616 Lexa & Caprice

617 Zorah White

Shoot Location: Picton, New Zealand

Scene 1

Get your Fine Asses in Order. 14:56

This scene starts with a little bit of giggly chitchat, some bum fondling and light kissing. The girls spend quite a bit of time sucking on each others nipples before getting completely naked. They then assist each other in giving a nice spread ass view of their private parts. In the last couple of minutes they give a beautiful display of their asses while standing on the window bench with their butt cheeks brushing against each other right over your face.

Tongues of Fun. 16:10

Now on the bed the girls indulge in some sensuous lesbian action with lots of pussy and ass licking going both ways. This involves some very pretty lesbian content with two of our most beautiful models. Caprice is not shy about giving Lexa's gorgeous ass hole a thorough eating out while Lexa rubs her pussy to a climax. Lexa also licks Caprice's ass while she rubs her pussy to a climax.

A Pair of Tush Tickles. ITC Favorite 10:36

The mood turns much more jovial and playful now as the girls take turns tickling each other's asses with a feather. There's lots off giggling throughout this clip and an extended ogle up Lexa spectacular ass while the feather explores her ass crack. There's some nice twitching and clench of her ass cheeks and also a very nice close up view right in her gorgeous ass crack. Lexa even becomes somewhat hysterical with uncontrolled laughter at times. Near the end Caprice lies back and gets her pussy tickled by the feather causing her to squirm with laughter.

Scene 2

The Night Gawker. ITC Favorite 14:13

This scene might invoke some perverted fantasies for some as Caprice sneaks into the bedroom at night while Lexa is sleeping and sneaks a fondle of her ass under the sheets. She peels back the sheets to reveal Lexa's gorgeous voluptuous bum cheeks in her form fitting panties. Caprice can't help but feel her ass out while being careful not to awake the sleeping beauty. She becomes increasingly more bold pulling the panties aside and eventually peeling her panties right off. The pussy and ass fondling eventually becomes all out masturbation with Caprice's thumb dipping right up Lexa's vagina and Lexa's ass humping and grinding against it leaving little doubt that she is either awake or having really sexy dreams. After she grinds to a climax Caprice plants a few kisses on her ass cheeks and then covers her up and leaves the room. There is the odd focus issue due to the low light but the action is super erotic and horny with awesome views of Lexa's spectacular pussy and ass.