616 Lexa & Caprice

617 Zorah White

618 Jinx Maze

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Feeling Thick Today. 19:40

Zorah has the girl next door look, not so slick and professional but certainly more down to earth and genuine. Her posture and posing is perhaps not the best though she makes up for it in other ways. She might seem somewhat ordinary at first but after a while you realize she has a fantastic ass with really nice ass skin and one of the most ogle-worthy anuses we have on the site. It doesn't take her long to get fully naked leaving most of this video to just ogle her bare pussy and ass. After some initial posing on the chair she gets on the floor for the remainder of the clip. The close up pussy and ass view near the end of this clip is quite excellent with a good view of her unusually large anus.

The White Stuff. 10:49

While still on the floor Zorah uses a quite large clear rubber dildo which slips into her big pussy with remarkable ease. The doggy style position gives a decent view of her inch long anus slot while the dildo pumps in her pussy. She later returns to lying on her back with her entire pussy and ass area well displayed on the hard wood platform and she starts pumping her pussy with renewed vigour. Perhaps the best views come at the end when she slows down and slowly slips the toy all the way in and all the way out of her pussy.

The Grand Fun Alley. 5:33

Zorah's speculum scene reveals some thick creamy pussy goo caked around the edges of her cervix. Besides the usual position she also gets on her knees bending over on the floor. The lighting in the bend over position doesn't always hit the right spot though it is interesting nonetheless.