614 Erica Fontes

615 Aleksa

616 Lexa & Caprice

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

Scene 1

Yellow Bluetiful. 12:20

Aleksa looks quite stunning in her vibrant blue tube dress drawing attention to her long shapely legs. Her moves are that of a seasoned professional strip tease artist. After the dress comes off the dress becomes a prop which she uses to flip over her beautiful breast making them bounce and jiggle around. There's a considerable amount of panty teasing with Aleksa standing almost over top of you and later bending over on the couch. There is no bottomless nudity yet.

It's getting Stuffy in here. 5:23

Aleksa takes her panties off and uses them as her sex toy. There's lots of panty stuffing and lip flossing using the panties. Her position is really flexible as she leans back with her legs split super wide open while she plays with herself.

The Splitting Image. ITC Favorite 8:18

This is mostly all nude pussy and ass ogling with lots of super flexible posing. At times we just soak in the girlie bits right up close and other times we take in the full body view to admire her remarkable form. Her position on her knees bending forward with her legs super wide open is quite fantastic. She manages to do a fantastic side to side split with a great arch in her back and her pussy and ass projecting out into open space. She also rubs her pussy at the same time through much of it. At the end she puts her feet right up on the arms of the couch doing the full splits while suspending her body in mid air.

Knob Buddy's Buzzness. 11:37

Aleksa uses a slim little vibrator on her pussy while leaning back on the couch with her knees wide open. There's a mixture of vaginal insertion and external dabbling on the clitoris. You also see her using the toy while bending over doggy style and later squatting on the floor leaning back against the couch. As she becomes more aroused she ends up sticking the vibrating knob head first under her hood into her clitoris. Overall the action is not especially vigorous bit it is certainly pretty.

Scene 2

Power to the Pee Pool. 0:40

This brief clip is just a quick pee while outside squatting beside the pool. Though brief it is a pretty thick and powerful pee stream. There's a nice standing pose both at the beginning and end of the clip taking in the nice colourful surroundings of the Greek villa.